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How to migrate from the My Lively app to the Jabra Enhance Pro app

If you have a Lively Battery or Lively Rechargeable hearing aid (purchased before 12/13/21) read the below instructions on how to migrate to the new app, troubleshooting steps and FAQs.

Note: if you are using Lively 2 Lite, Plus, or Pro hearing aids, please find instructions here to download the Jabra Enhance Select App.


Jabra Enhance Pro App


How to migrate to the Jabra Enhance Pro App

  1. If you have favorites saved: take a screenshot on your phone of your Favorite settings by following these instructions.
  2. Delete the My Lively app:
    1. Important - if you do not delete the My Lively App from your phone you may experience issues pairing your hearing aids to the Jabra Enhance Pro App.
    2. How to remove an app on Android.
    3. How to remove an app on iPhone.
  3. Download the Jabra Enhance Pro app: 
    1. iOS Jabra Enhance Pro app  |  Android Jabra Enhance Pro app
  4. Open the app and follow the instructions on the screen to pair your hearing aids:
    1. Important - if you still have the My Lively app on your phone you may experience issues pairing your hearing aids. Please delete the My Lively app if you haven’t already done so.
    2. If you run into an issue, please review the troubleshooting steps below.
  5. Your hearing aids should resume working as expected.
    1. For further support, please see the Jabra Enhance Pro App manual
  6. To replicate your favorite settings, please schedule time or send an email to request adjustments from our Audiology Team.


Troubleshooting tips

  1. Please make sure you have deleted the My Lively app from your phone: If your hearing aids are still paired to this app, you will run into issues pairing them with the Jabra Enhance Pro 
    1. How to remove an app on Android
    2. How to remove an app on iPhone
  2. Turn off your hearing aids by placing them in the charging case or opening the battery doors. It’s always good to check if your rechargeable hearing aids are charged or, for our battery-powered models, have fresh batteries.
  3. Unpair your hearing aids from your phone:
    1. iPhone device:
      • Go to your Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices.  
      • Click on ‘Your Hearing Aids: Not Connected' 
      • Scroll down and click on 'Forget This Device' 
    2. Android device:
      • Go to your Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.  
      • Click on the gear to the right of [Your Name]’s hearing aids.
      • Click on 'Unpair’ in the bottom right corner.
  4. Restart your phone: Sometimes rebooting your devices helps. Start by placing your hearing aids in the charging case (if you have rechargeable hearing aids) or open the battery doors of your hearing aids to turn them off. Then restart your phone (Instructions for iOSAndroid). Once your phone is back on, take the hearing aids out of the case or close the battery doors.
  5. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on by checking your phone settings. 
    1. Your hearing aids need to be out of the case and near your phone.
    2. Disable Bluetooth in other devices nearby to avoid interference.
  6. Open the Jabra Enhance Pro and follow the instructions to pair your hearing aids to your phone and to the app. For further support, please review the Jabra Enhance Pro app guide here.



  1. How do I find my hearing aid model?
    1. Check in My Account under the ‘My devices and Services’ section. 
  2. What happens to the Favorites saved on the My Lively app?
    1. Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer your Favorites. However, our Audiology Team can help recreate them for you!  Just take a screenshot of your Favorites settings in the My Lively app for reference. Click here to learn how to take a screenshot. Then, schedule time or send an email request for adjustments to our Audiology Team. They will recreate the Favorites on the new app for you.
  1. I downloaded the Jabra Enhance Select app. Why isn’t it working?
    1. It could be as simple as the incorrect app was downloaded. An easy mistake since there are several with similar names. The Jabra Enhance Select app does not currently support your hearing aid model at this time. Please make sure you downloaded the Jabra Enhance Pro app - this app supports your hearing aid model.
  2. I downloaded the Jabra Enhance app. Why isn’t it working?
    1. There are several Jabra Enhance apps, so it could be as simple as the incorrect app was downloaded. Just go back to the app store on your phone and make sure you downloaded the Jabra Enhance Pro app, which supports your hearing aid model. Then delete the Jabra Enhance app from your phone if you are not using it with another product you own.
  3. My hearing aids are paired with my phone but not pairing with the app.  
    1. If you are experiencing issues connecting the hearing aids to the Jabra Enhance Pro app, please follow the troubleshooting steps listed above.


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